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What makes Snickerdoodle special

Our journey began in 2021 and we are still toddlers within the gaming industry. We are a very small team of three, embarking on our new venture. We're committed to delivering fun filled games that promote analytical thinking and fostering a sense of community among players.


We invite you to stay tuned, as the best is yet to come from us. Let's play, create, and conquer the virtual realms together!

Snickerdoodle Team

Aaron Neugebauer

Aaron has been developing games for over 20 years on web, desktop and mobile platforms. He has self-published several titles including Fat Slice 1 + 2, Barry Lost His Marbles and Perch (
He has also worked with studios on web and multiplayer games such as (with SideQuest games) and Mini Soccer (with BulletProof games and MiniClip).
In 2020 he created Squiggle Drop and submitted it to the Pavs (NZ game festival) in 2021. Squiggle Drop was one of the finalists for the Excellence in Design category (

In 2022, Aaron founded Snickerdoodle Games with Radha Cumaresan-Neugebauer. The following year their first game, Squiggle Drop, was released on Apple Arcade (published by Noodlecake Studios -

Radha manages the delivery of game projects and is responsible for clients, business agents and everything that involves the day to day operations such as payroll, accounts, expenses, operational profitability and tracking and managing budgets.

In her spare time she enjoys playing video games that promote analytical thinking, fashion, gardening, walking and hikes.


Radha Cumaresan-Neugebauer


Reon Fraser

Meet Reon, a software developer with three years of experience. Originally a Java programmer, he pursued his dream job and pivoted to game development. Since he began learning programming in his university days in 2018, game development has been a driving force in his programming journey. Fuelled by his passion for designing authentic player experiences, he loves to design mechanics that encourage and reward player experimentation.

Beyond coding, you'll find him exploring the outdoors and camping in his van.

Special thanks to our interns

Seyon Wijendran

Seyon is currently a sophomore at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, IL, USA, in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He has a passion for software, engineering design, analytics, and mathematics.

Seyon is also interested in exploring the applications of computing and engineering to solve challenging problems and make a positive impact. He is currently actively involved in designing and coding software solutions, and robotics.

In his spare time, Seyon loves to spend time with family and friends, participate in outdoor activities, play recreational sports, and play piano.

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